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I am a Screen / Stage Actor, Acting Coach and Voice Over Artist, singer with many years of dance experience.

I have coached many actors who have gone on to work in Television, Feature Films, Short Films, Stage Productions and Commercials etc.

As an Actor/Acting Coach I strongly believe lifelong learning is very importantto keep one’s mind / body healthy and active. For this reason, I am continually training. At present I have been training with Stella Adler Studios/Art of Acting Studio based in New York and Los Angeles.

I currently hold a HND Diploma in Theatre and Media Studies.

I trained at the Focus Theatre (Stanislavski method) in Dublin for 2 years with Tim McDonald as my coach. The Focus Theatre was founded by Deirdre O’Connell. An Actor/Teacher/Director from New York who trained at The Actors Studio. She taught many actors including Gabriel Byrne.

I am a Co-Founder of PS Creative Artist Management (Agency). I organize Acting Workshops inviting many Casting Directors, Film Directors, Acting Coaches and Theatre Directors from Ireland, Prague, EU, US and the UK.  My dance training stems from the many years spent in the long-established Billy Barry Stage School in Dublin.

I have performed and worked on many Films, Short films, Music Videos and Commercials. I have performed on many Stages in many different productions “The Gaiety Theatre”, “3 Arena”, “The Lir”, “Andrews Lane”, “The Focus Theatre”, “Liberty Hall” and many more.

I am a volunteer travelling back and forth to Poland to help all fleeing the war. I organize a lot of charity events – skydiving, show presenting,

Among many of my hobbies I love to travel, dance, walk and read.

I enjoy writing scenes/monologues based upon modern life scenarios.

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Ginger (Scene)
First time to share a live scene in a great Zoom class! Second take with direction given by the Best! I normally self tape for better quality! Loved working on this character and Scene!

Sara (Scene)
Great to work on this scene and character with super directors! She is strong, vulnerable and determined not to be a victim of a crime.

Gail (Scene)
What a great scene/character to work on! And being directed by the best is a bonus! Love that I got to work on this in a live zoom class with a great scene partner too!

Karen Detective (Monologue)
Strong female role!

Frankie (Scene)
One of my favorite characters and scene to work on. I always read the full length script before working on a scene.

Jessica (Scene)
Scene from “Into the Woods”! Fun shoot to do and it’s always great to work with Ian Gerard Whyte.

Eden (Scene from a play)
Brilliant script/scene to work on. And I hope to work on this play/scene again some-day!

April (Scene 1950’s)
Wonderful character and script. A big decision has to be made.

Lauren (Monologue)
As always I had fun playing around with this interesting character! She is cool, calm and collective with a dark side.

Sinead V Monaghan (About Me)

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It was originally meant to be a girls’ trip for a few days. In January, a friend and I had booked flights to Krakow, Poland. We were planning to spend a few days sightseeing and doing a bit of shopping. However, everything changed on February 24 when Vladimir Putin’s forces invaded neighbouring Ukraine.

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AN IRISH volunteer told how “so many heart breaking stories” will stay with her but she will continue on her volunteer mission.
Sinead V Monaghan was planning a holiday to Poland back in January 2022 but cancelled her trip when Russia invaded Ukraine.  

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